Pastille immunité


S. boulardii immune functions

The unique probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii, highly recommended for its gut health benefits, also shows a strong impact on the immune system. Supported by several in vitro and in vivo studies(2, 3, 5) showing its mechanisms of action, the yeast and its relationship to the immune response has been studied with human clinical trials as well(1,4).

[Caetano, 1986] – Immune parameters activation in healthy human

Results after 7 days compared to baseline:

  • Significant increase of erythrocytes (red blood cells) transporting immune complex antigen-antibody.
  • Significant increase of leucocytes (white blood cells) protecting the body against invading microorganisms.
  • Significant in vitro increase of protein C3 involved in the complementary system and contributing to the innate immunity.

[Ozkan, 2007] – Immune response enhancement in children with acute gastroenteritis (for other marketing use than food/dietary supplement)

Results after 7 days compared to baseline with S. boulardii:

  • Significant increase of IgA levels.
  • Significant decrease in C-reactive protein levels.
  • Significant increase of CD8 lymphocytes levels. Significant higher increase in probiotic group than placebo on day seven.

S. boulardii immunological modes of action


Powerful yeast-based ingredients for immunity

Lallemand Health Solutions provides relevant yeast derivatives to be combined with S. boulardii for immunity.

Inactivated whole cell yeast enriched in vitamins and minerals

1. Lalmin® VitaD

Inactivated whole cell yeast S. cerevisiae with elevated levels of vitamin D produced thanks to an innovative process: subjection to UV-light same process as in human skin. Lalmin® Vita D is a natural and vegan source of vitamin D.

2. Lalmin® Se

Selenium yeast S. cerevisiae converting inorganic selenium from the media into safe organically bound selenium during the fermentation process. Lalmin® Se is considered as source of selenium naturally rich in selenomethionine.

3. Lalmin® Zn

Zinc enriched yeast providing elevated levels of organically bound zinc thanks to the addition of the mineral into the yeast environment.


Yeast cell wall



Yeast extract from S. cerevisiae naturally rich in manno-oligosaccharides (35-45% of MOS) and containing mannoproteins part of the yeast cell wall released via an enzymatic hydrolysis.



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