Skin health

Promising results for imperfect skin 

There is a strong connexion between gut health and skin health: an unbalanced microflora can lead to a leaky gut, thus setting up a pro-inflammatory environment, resulting in inflammation, oxidative stress burden, sebum excess or atopic lesions. Therefore, S. boulardii shows promising results for imperfect skin such as acne:

1. Through its mechanisms of action involved in the skin-gut axis

 Luminal effect: antimicrobial and neutralizing activities.

Trophic action: gut barrier integrity.

 Immunity modulation: immune signalling pathways modulation.


2. Through its antiacne effects (for other markeitng use than food/dietary supplement)

[Weber, 1989] – Acne healed or considerably improved with S. boulardii vs. control (80% vs. 26% control, p<0.01).

[Stuttgen, 1991] – Number of papules decreased by over 50% with both S. boulardii treatments.


  • 80% of preteens and teens report skin imperfections.
  • 40% of adults are diagnosed with acne (adult acne).
  • In online customer reviews, acne is the second health benefit claimed on probiotic products achieving the highest percentage of growth, with an increase of 3,700% (Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2020). (1)

Reference: (1) – https://insights.lumina-intelligence.com/Product-data/Global-Probiotics-2020-edition-NOW-LIVE